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Listen Up!: Podcasts for Road Trips (Part 1 of 2)

May 16 2022

With summer fast approaching, we bring you four suggestions of podcasts that may be of interest to you and your kiddos to download for those long summer road trips you might be planning to take so you’re not stuck listening to the Encanto soundtrack for 16 hours straight. ;)


Story Time on acast


What is this podcast about? Exactly what it says on the tin -- it's basically an audio version of storytime. If your mini human is still of the extra mini variety or just really enjoys listening to stories, this may be a good show for them. 

Recommended for kids 2+

Support our podcast, Ear Snacks! — ANDREW & POLLY

Ear Snacks

A variety show for kids by content creators whose work has been featured on Nickelodeon. There's music, jokes, content by kids and experts alike, you name it!

Recommended for kids 3+

Story Pirates | Gimlet

Story Pirates

Stories written by real children of all ages are performed by grownups, and each episode features a post-performance interview with the author. If you have any avid mini storytellers in your family, they can even submit their work to potentially be featured in the show!

Recommended for kids 4+

Cultureverse — TRAX


Cultureverse is a podcast that features myths and legends from around the world, with each episode focusing on a different creature or culture

Recommended for kids 8+ (because some stories may be considered scary by some younger viewers)



By Alice Flecha (Volunteer Blogger)



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