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If You Liked Outlander You Might Like...

September 24 2021

What about Outlander did you like the most?

I liked it because it’s a time travel romance

The Scribe of Siena by Melodie Winawer

The Scribe of Siena by Melodie Winawer

When neurosurgeon Beatrice Trovato travels to Siena to get her late brother’s affairs in order she didn’t expect to find information about a 700-year-old plot to destroy the city while looking through her brother’s effects. Things get weirder when, while looking through the journal and notes of fourteenth-century artist Gabriele Accorsi, she finds a picture of herself and is suddenly transported to 1347...

A Discovery of Witches - Wikipedia  

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

Despite being from a distinguished line of witches, Diana Bishop wants nothing to do with magic. Which of course, means she’s about to get thrust right into the middle of the affairs of the magical world when she comes across an ancient manuscript that had been lost for centuries.  The story is the first in a trilogy and features time travel, vampires, witches, and suspense. If you like the book, we also have the tv series in our collection!

I liked that the protagonist had to choose between two love interests

Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

Set in the 1950s, the book follows the life of Irish immigrant Eilis Lacey, who finds herself having to choose between her heart and what her family approves of. If you like the book, we also have the movie starring Saoirse Ronan.

I like historical romance

A Year and a Day (DeWarenne, #1) by Virginia Henley

A Year and a Day by Virginia Henley

Desperately in need of an heir, Lynx de Warenne enters into an agreement with Jane Leslie to be handfasted -- a Scottish custom where a couple can be together as husband and wife for a year and then choose whether to remain together, and any children born of the union are considered legitimate no matter what the couple decides.

The Daring Ladies of Lowell by Kate Alcott

The Daring Ladies of Lowell by Kate Alcott

Alice Barrow finds herself slowly falling in love with the son of the owner of the textile mill she works at. But when her best friend is found murdered, the town is split in two, and the lovers must decide whether to side with “their kind” or follow their hearts.


By Alice Flecha (Volunteer Blogger)

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