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Book Art: Giving Old Books a Second Life

July 16 2021
Image and art by Catherine McEver
Image and art by Catherine McEver

Books, like living things, have life cycles. Some cycles are short, some long, but inevitably, there comes a day when every book reaches the end of the line of its bookish life. Book lovers dread that day, especially when the book in question has reached its end due to avid use.

Whether you're looking for an excuse to not throw away a beloved copy or looking for ideas of art to celebrate your love of literature, the keyword to put in the Google machine is "book art".

From simple to complex, here are some examples of ways to extend a book's life and celebrate your love of literature.

Booquets (or Christmas ornaments!)

Paper Lilies Made From Books - Half Dozen Flower Stems - Choose From Jane  Austen, Harry Potter, Hymnals, Game Of Thrones - Color Customized #2455826  - WeddbookDIY Book Flowers | cooking ala mel18 Harry Potter Origami ideas | origami, harry potter, potter

Drawing On Pages

Octopus wall art, vintage octopus drawing, dictionary print, book page art -  - 4Alice in the wonderland on a vintage dictionary book page Drawing by Anna W

   ^ Art by Kris Keefer                                                      ^ Art by Anna W

Book Poetry

 Design Stack: A Blog about Art, Design and Architecture: Zentangle Drawings  on Recycled Vintage Book Pages

  ^ Art & poetry by Cheryl Garner                                      ^ Art & poetry by Jo Newsham

Book Boxes

Easy And Beautiful DIY Projects Made With Old Books 2017image.png

Book Hedgehogs

Adorable Old Book Paper Hedgehog Craft - DIY & CraftsBook Hedgehog · How To Make A Piece Of Book Art · Paper Folding on Cut Out  + Keep

Fancy Book Art

Pin on Wood Box Poem Project

   ^ Image source                                                          ^ Art by Thomas Wightman

Pin on Books I LoveIMG_5774

  ^ Art by Christina Rosén                                      ^ Art by Magalie Pigareff


By Alice Flecha (Volunteer Blogger)

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