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A Fictional Adventure Through Jasper National Park

September 29 2020

Colin’s first memory is of falling. Which is quite an embarrassing experience when you’re a fully grown raven.  Why was he falling when he has two perfectly good wings? Your guess is as good as his. Determined to regain his memories, Colin embarks on a journey around the Canadian Rockies to uncover the truth behind his past.

Though we usually think of tales with talking animals as being for children’s books, this is a novel marketed for grownups. Told from the point of view of the ravens that inhabit our Rockies and set in Jasper National Park, the story is definitely a must-read for adults that enjoyed talking animal stories growing up (especially if you were a fan of Kenneth Oppel’s Silverwing Saga – it has a very similar feel). It’s a tale that’s part adventure, part mystery, and part about the beautiful nature that makes up the western edge of our province (which seems fitting, considering the author is a naturalist).

If you find you like his style of writing and are planning to hike in the Rockies once the pandemic is over, you’ll be happy to hear that Ben Gadd literally wrote the (hand)book on the Rockies . Several books, in fact, which we have in our catalogue, including a book all about the mountain where the story begins and where the real Raven’s End is located (The Yam: 50 Years of Climbing on Yamnuska).

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