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Lesser-Known Gems in Our Catalogue: Artemis Fowl

August 12 2020

Twelve-year-old criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl is determined to raise his Irish mafia family back to its former status before his father’s disappearance. His plan? Kidnap a fairy, extort the fairy government for a ransom, and become the first human in history able to keep the fairy gold he acquires.

A hidden magical world, a diverse cast of characters, and a centaur who wears tinfoil hats. What’s not to love? A fast-paced adventure that’s part fantasy, part spy thriller, Artemis Fowl is the first book in a series. Make sure to take the time to decode the fairy writing on the lower margins of the book—it gives you a hint about what will happen in the next installment!

At Bon Accord Public Library we have the whole series in several physical formats (hardcopy, graphic novel, and audiobook CDs) as well as digitally through our online service Overdrive (as an audiobook or ebook). We also have a few “nonfiction” companion books (such as “The Artemis Fowl Files”).

The marketed age for this book is kids Grade 3-9. Note that there is an extremely brief mention of alcoholism at the very beginning of the first book in the series (which never comes up again and is in reference to a very minor character).

Reading Levels:

Lexile: 600L

Guided Reading: Y

DRA: 60

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