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Open Call for (Young) Artists!

June 25 2020

We would like to see from our mini patrons what they have been up to since they’ve had to attend school from home. Maybe they drew you a picture of you as their teacher, made a science project or a crafty project for another class, or have been taking part in the Krafty Kids Mystery Challenge and would like to show off their creations—that sort of thing.

Don’t have anything like that? Ask them to produce something now!

When submitting your kiddo’s creations:

  • Email them to with the subject line Mini Artist Submission.
  • Please send the images in a JPEG or PNG format if you are sending them as separate images or by attaching a Word or PDF document to the email instead.
  • If the art you are submitting is two-dimensional and you have a scanner it would be best if you could capture it that way.
  • When taking pictures, make sure there is plenty of light and that the subject is on focus.
  • Send more than one picture of the same image so we can pick the best one.
  • We have a very short “form” so you can give us the information we need for the post (see below); for example, we want you to ask your kid to give the piece a title and to describe what the piece is about (ultra-short or long answer—that’s up to your artist-in-residence!).

Please include in your message:

1. Child’s first name:
2. Age:
3. Piece title:
4. Description:

Note: If the submission was done using one of the Krafty Kids kits we’d appreciate if you indicated that on your email as well. 


Image credit: "GLARt 6-25-14" by Pioneer Library System is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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