Welcome to Night Vale

November 21 2020

What Is Welcome to Night Vale? Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast about a fictional sleepy desert town under a vague yet menacing totalitarian government rule. Though everyday life ranges from bizarre and ridiculous to ominous and horrifying by our standards, its citizens…

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Getting to Know Us: Shannon Loehr

November 15 2020

Position:  Interlibrary Loans Clerk How long you have worked at Bon Accord Public Library:  4 years. Book you think everyone should read: The Space between Us by Thrity Umrigar, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. When…

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Librarians On Screen

November 2 2020

People tend to think that librarianship is a rather sedate, calm, quiet kind of job (insert loud librarian laughter here). As such, it's not often that librarians are featured in adventure stories. So here is a mini celebration of adventurous librarians on screens big…

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Horror Movies for People Who Don't Like Horror Movies

October 27 2020

Whether you’re trying to get someone who doesn’t like horror to get into the Halloween holiday spirit with you or you’re delving into the genre of your own volition, we have you covered. When helping someone find a good book to read, it’s useful to know what a person…

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Getting to Know Us: Anita van der Leek

October 21 2020

Have you ever wondered about who are the people that keep the library running so smoothly? Now is the time to have those questions answered. This is the second of a series of short Q & A interviews with the people that work hard to make your experience with the library…

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Getting to Know Us: Joyce Curtis-Bonardi

October 14 2020

Have you ever wondered about who are the people that keep the library running so smoothly? Now is the time to have those questions answered. This is the first of a series of short Q & A interviews with the people that work hard to make your experience with the library full…

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Some Libraries Are More Special Than Others

October 7 2020

There are four main types of libraries: public, school, academic, and special. Special libraries are, by far, the most diverse of the four. If it can be collected, there may be a special library that collects it. We wanted to share with you a glimpse into the weird and…

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A Fictional Adventure Through Jasper National Park

September 29 2020

Colin’s first memory is of falling. Which is quite an embarrassing experience when you’re a fully grown raven.  Why was he falling when he has two perfectly good wings? Your guess is as good as his. Determined to regain his memories, Colin embarks on a journey around…

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A new website section just for kids

September 21 2020

Have you noticed a new option on our website’s main menu, called “Kids’ Corner”? Well, it’s up there—right at the top right corner, in big bold letters. That’s a small “surprise” we have for our patrons this week: a section totally created for our users…

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Knot Your Average Writing System

September 16 2020

What’s this you’re looking at? A fancy necklace, perhaps? Nope. That, friends, is a 15th-century government document. We used to think the Inca couldn’t write. It turns out they could, just not in a way we would readily recognize. Instead of writing with symbols inked…

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Let’s Start At the Very Beginning: Part 2

September 9 2020

Is your kid in the process of learning how to read? We have recommendations for some books they might enjoy! We’ve talked in a previous post about what early reader books are and how they work. Now comes the really fun part: recommendations! While we have a lot of great…

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Let’s Start At the Very Beginning: Part 1

September 1 2020

First things first, what is an early reader book? They’re books intended for kids who are still in the beginning process of learning how to read but know their letters enough now to be able to read words rather than just practice recognizing what sound goes with which…

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The cover of the book

Your COVID Questions Answered

August 26 2020

One of the less talked about stresses of living through a pandemic has been just not knowing; not knowing how long the lockdown will last, when a vaccine will finally be ready, what symptoms to watch out for, and on and on. Well, good news: there’s a resource for that!…

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How to Find Read-Alikes On Your Own

August 19 2020

For those who haven’t seen our If You Liked Harry Potter You Might Like... post, a read-alike is, as its name suggests, a book which you might like if you’re looking for books similar to one you liked. Read-alikes can be paired together based on similar plots, settings,…

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Lesser-Known Gems in Our Catalogue: Artemis Fowl

August 12 2020

Twelve-year-old criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl is determined to raise his Irish mafia family back to its former status before his father’s disappearance. His plan? Kidnap a fairy, extort the fairy government for a ransom, and become the first human in history able to…

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Things Kids Say in Libraries: Asking for Assistance

August 5 2020

Need help finding something? We’re glad to say these mini-patrons have learned early on that we’re here to help. ~~~~ 5-year-old: I’d like a book on dogs because apparently I’m a dog person. ---- 8-year-old: Do you have any books on foxes, please? If not, raccoons…

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More Than Just Books

August 1 2020

When you think of things you can take out at libraries, the first thing that comes to mind is likely books. But don’t be fooled: nowadays libraries offer far more than they once did. Some of the newer offerings you can probably think up if you take a moment to ponder:…

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If You Liked Harry Potter You Might Like...

July 22 2020

You know when you finish a book and you want to read more like it? One of the many things librarians can do for you is make you something called a read-alike list—a list of books that are similar in some way to the book you enjoyed and so there is a good chance you will…

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Why Series Are Great for Kids

July 15 2020

1. They like them.If you want someone to get into reading, reading for pleasure is the best way to get them hooked. And in order to get them into reading for pleasure, they need to like the material. So at the first stage of turning your kid into an avid reader, whatever…

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Hidden Gems in Our Catalogue: Mr. Lemoncello

July 9 2020

Designed by the greatest board game maker in the world and built under great secrecy, the town’s new library is finally ready to open its doors to the public. A group of 12-year-olds are given the opportunity to spend the night at the library before opening day. The next…

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