Library Closure Notice

The Bon Accord Public library will be closed for the Christmas Holidays from December 26th, 2022 to January 2, 2023. We'll re-open on January 3rd, 2023 at a regular time. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Libraries are where it all begins. - Rita Dove

9 Quotes About Libraries

April 9 2021

Not to toot our own horn, but we think libraries are pretty great. And we're not the only ones, as these eight quotes about the awesomeness of libraries can attest! To any readers with vision problems: We have attempted to add alternative text to the images. If it isn't…

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3 Comics for Kids With Female Protagonists

April 4 2021

Despite their bad reputation, comic books are actually great for kids, teaching them how to read both words as well as images in one fell swoop. They also help enforce the concept that you can take hints about the text from the images and vice versa. Plus, they're particularly…

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Connecting Inmates to Their Kids Through Storytelling

March 26 2021

You may have heard before that giving prisoners access to books helps lower recidivism rates. Well, a recent study in the US suggests that allowing inmates to record themselves reading a story to their children may have a similar effect. Inmates and wardens alike report…

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The Library Robots of Oodi

March 21 2021

We’ve talked before about library cats and library dogs, but have you ever heard of library robots? Though most libraries won’t be able to afford them for quite some time, they may become a common sight in the future. At the moment, to see library robots in action,…

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Choosing Books for Preschoolers Part 2/2

March 13 2021

One of the tricky parts of storytelling to younger children is making it through a whole book without losing their interest. The younger a child is, the shorter their attention span will be. The most effective way to help them stay focused is to find a way to make the story…

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Choosing Books for Preschoolers Part 1/2

March 6 2021

One of the tricky parts of storytelling to younger children is making it through a whole book without losing their interest. The younger a child is, the shorter their attention span will be. The most effective way to help them stay focused is to find a way to make the story…

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Resources on Bullying for Parents of Younger Children

March 1 2021

On the last Wednesday in February, Canadians from coast to coast wear pink shirts to take a stand against bullying. Though the focus of Pink Shirt Day is on school-aged children, it's important that we remember that we adults have a part to play in the stand against bullying.…

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The Little Book That Could

February 20 2021

When you were a kid, did you ever come across one of those books that had a story on one side, and then when you got to the centerfold you flipped the book over and there was a second story on the other side? Those kinds of books have a special name: reversible books. In…

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Growing a Reader

February 13 2021

Though there’s no 100% guaranteed way to turn a mini human into a reader, there are some strategies you can employ to greatly tip the scales in your favour. 1. Regularly read to your child This is by far one of the most effective ways to grow a reader. It’s hard to…

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A Book By Any Other Name: Part 1/?

February 6 2021

What we have written on throughout history has been just as varied as the writing systems themselves. This new series will be looking at the wonderful variety of writing media used across the globe.  We hope you enjoy! =-=-=-=-= Clay Tablets Origin: Uruk, Modern-Day Iraq…

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Strategies for Storytelling

January 31 2021

Holding the book – If you’re reading from a picture book, hold it in such a way where your child can see the picture and you can see the words at the same time. Try to avoid reading from the page and then holding the book up for your audience to see. This breaks up…

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Lesser-Known Gems in Our Catalogue: Ella Enchanted

January 22 2021

Cursed as a baby with the “gift” of obedience by a misguided fairy, Ella is forced to always do as she is told. One day, she decides enough is enough, and sets out to find the fairy who cursed her to demand she fix her mistake. The book is a retelling of Cinderella…

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So, Just How Rich Is Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy?

January 15 2021

If you've ever read Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, you know that the famous Mr. Darcy is rich. But how rich is kind of vague from a modern reader's perspective. Being told that Mr. Darcy has an income of £10,000 a year doesn't help much in giving us an idea of his wealth…

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A (Very) Brief History of Spelling

January 9 2021

When we think of written language, we think of spelling and grammar. It’d be kind of hard to communicate through writing if we didn’t agree on which combinations of symbols mean what, after all. And you’d be right – writing without an agreed-upon way of spelling…

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Where Exactly In the North Pole Does Santa Live?

December 19 2020

Everyone knows Santa lives “at the North Pole”. The thing is, the north pole is a pretty large place, encompassing several countries and 3 continents. This ambiguity about Santa’s address has led to a rather intense rivalry between countries with territory past the…

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Using (and Finding) Google’s Advanced Search Option

December 12 2020

Did you know that Google has an advanced search option? And it’s really handy for narrowing your searches. There’s a common misconception that getting a lot of results is a good thing when you’re doing a search, but that’s not necessarily the case. What you want…

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Things Kids Say in Libraries: Storytime

December 4 2020

Librarian: [makes meowing sounds because there's a cat in the story] Five-Year-Old: You know, that's not half bad! [Entire group of five-year-olds proceeds to attempt to imitate Librarian's meowing] =-=-=-=-= Eight-Year-Old: You know, this story's really good, actually.…

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The Most Complete Ancient Library We Know Of

November 27 2020

In 79 CE Pompeii wasn’t the only town buried by Vesuvius. The nearby town of Herculaneum, although saved from the initial destruction, also met its end that day. From a library standpoint, what makes Herculaneum more special than Pompeii is that one of the uncovered buildings,…

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Welcome to Night Vale

November 21 2020

What Is Welcome to Night Vale? Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast about a fictional sleepy desert town under a vague yet menacing totalitarian government rule. Though everyday life ranges from bizarre and ridiculous to ominous and horrifying by our standards, its citizens…

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Getting to Know Us: Shannon Loehr

November 15 2020

Position:  Interlibrary Loans Clerk How long you have worked at Bon Accord Public Library:  4 years. Book you think everyone should read: The Space between Us by Thrity Umrigar, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. When…

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